Austroflex FirePROOF is a precisely cut, non-flammable mineral wool pipe used as a pipe seal for fire protection. The shell is coated with a printed mesh reinforced aluminum foil and packed in quantities convenient for construction sites. Assembly is simple, which is why the shell has a slot on one side and a foil overlap so that the shell can be easily unfolded and assembled.

Thanks to FirePROOF, pipe penetration seals EI 30 to EI 120 for flammable, non-flammable pipes and multilayer composite pipes can now be implemented with light partition walls as well as solid walls and ceilings.

- ETA certification for sales and installation in 28 EU          countries
- ABP certification for sales and installation in Germany
- Simple and inexpensive solution
- No further fireproof insulation required
- Compatible with further standard insulation

- load-bearing and non-load-bearing solid walls in accordance with DIN 1053 Part 1-4, DIN 1045, and cellular concrete in accordance with DIN 4165 or 4166
- Non-bearing, space-separating metal stud walls in accordance with DIN 4102-4 with double-sided double paneling and a valid certification
- Zero distances from flammable, non-flammable pipe systems or multilayer pipes

installation shaft unfilled (left) and filled with fireFLOC (right)

Austroflex FireFLOC is an innovative construction technique that meets all four requirements of modern housing construction:

- Fire protection
- Acoustic insulation
- Thermal insulation
- Scent blocking

Using special mineral insulation, a cavity-free filling of the entire installation shaft can be carried out mechanically. The minimum density of 90 kg/m3 ensures sustainable stability and maximum safety for all functions, especially preventive fire protection.

The solution, developed jointly with our partners, was tested at the MPA NRW and is certified by the DIBt.
Together with EBD Services and specialized companies in Germany and Austria, we are available on site and can offer you the safest solution for your installation shafts.

- Clean, silent, and fast
- Reduction of construction costs up to 40%
- Improved acoustic insulation
- Improved thermal insulation without additional pipe insulation
- Elimination of odor transfers
- Prevention of fire and smoke spread


- Permanent installations in new and existing buildings
- Residential and hotel constructions, retirement and nursing homes, student dormitories
- Installation shaft with flammable and non-flammable sewerage systems
- Cable installations with single cables and cable bundles with or without conduits
- Installation with ventilation ducts

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