The AustroCOOL system was developed for the thermal insulation of cooling pipes in various in-house facilities. The areas of application of the AustroCOOL system are drinking and cooling water pipes made of steel, stainless steel, copper, and plastic. Thanks to the non-combustible system of dimensionally stable and compression-resistant rock wool, AustroCOOL is perfectly suited for these applications.
The AustroCOOL system can also be used at temperatures up to 250 °C. In in-house facilities for cooling and heating, the AustroCOOL system meets the EnEV requirements for low-temperature and thermal insulation. In addition, the non-combustible stone wool insulation system provides optimal fire protection.

- Excellent thermal insulation
- Non-combustible
- High temperature resistant
- Water absorption < 1 kg/m²
- Custom-made products on request

- Drinking and cooling water pipes
- Steel, stainless steel, copper, and
  plastic pipes
- In-house cooling & heating systems

We also offer a comprehensive range of dedicated accessories in order to provide our customers with a Total System Solution. The AustroCool System allows for quick, easy, and uncomplicated installation and connection.

AustroCOOL - Pipe shells
AustroCOOL - Pipe manifold
AustroCOOL - Rock wool lamella mat
AustroCOOL - Flex-tape
AustroCOOL - Aluminum tape

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